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Orbx releases a new Pacific Northwest classic: 74S Anacortes Airport for MSFS
Developer Andreas Hegi brings us a detailed rendition of 74S Anacortes Airport for Microsoft Flight Simulator.
FlightSimExpo 2024 Finds New Home at Rio Las Vegas
The original schedule remains, now just a bit offset from the Strip.
Lommis Airfield is the latest picturesque Swiss airfield from AG Sim
Switzerland awaits you in this small but lively airfield.
MSFS welcomes first wave of community updates submitted via the World Hub
These updates can include improved placement of runways, taxiways, and parking spots for a more accurate reflection of the real-world airport.
Aerosoft releases Toolbar Pushback Pro for Microsoft Flight Simulator
One of the most popular freeware mods for MSFS gets a Pro version and is coming to the Xbox.
Salt Lake City Airport Released for Microsoft Flight Simulator
FeelThere brings their rendition of KSLC to the simulator.
BeyondATC’s pricing strategy revealed, no subscription required
A one-time fee of $59.99, but higher-quality voice models will cost more.
FlyByWire reports good progress on the A380X for MSFS
A short but sweet update from the FBW team.
Top Mach Studios Announces Sukhoi SU-30MKI for Microsoft Flight Simulator
The latest project from the creators of the best F-22 for the sim.
Turtle Beach Releases the VelocityOne Flightdeck, A New HOTAS System for Flight Simulation
A customizable built-in touch display is the most distinctive feature of this new kit from Turtle Beach.
BlueBird Simulations Shares a Short Boeing 757 Dev Update
BlueBird Simulations took to their Facebook and Reddit channels today to share a short sneak peek at the ongoing development of their Boeing 757 -200/300 aircraft rendition for Microsoft Flight Simulator. The team shared progress on the virtual cockpit along with a few random screenshots of the exterior. Boeing 757 Virtual Cockpit The team at […]
PMDG Shares a Minor Development Update
PMDG’s Robert Randazzo shared some new information about the current three main topics of discussion within the PMDG team. In this update, we can go through some news about the PMDG 737 for Xbox, the PMDG 777, as well as the freezing issues many users had over the past few months. The EFB in PMDG […]
Aerosoft Releases Improved Toolbar Pushback Pro for MSFS
Aerosoft has shared through their Facebook page that they released Toolbar Pushback Pro, an updated version of the famous Toolbar Pushback mod that is available via, bringing many changes and improvements to this helpful add-on for Microsoft Flight Simulator. Toolbar Pushback Pro offers the basic pushback we all know from the freeware version. However, […]
FeelThere Releases Salt Lake City Airport for MSFS
FeelThere continues with the development of sceneries for Microsoft Flight Simulator and this time, they have covered the largest airport in Utah, United States. Salt Lake City International Airport is now available for everyone to purchase. FeelThere announced this release via their Facebook page a few days ago. Salt Lake City Airport is a public […]
AuraScenery Releases Aberdeen Airport for MSFS
The developer AuraScenery has released their new scenery of Aberdeen Airport (EGPD) for Microsoft Flight Simulator. The release was announced via the iniBuilds Discord server a few days ago. The airport is located about 10 kilometres from the city centre and is known for its heritage. The airport was established as a Royal Air Force […]
Laminar Research Announces The X-Plane Store, an Official Add-On Marketplace for X-Plane
Laminar Research announced the launch of a new add-on store for X-Plane at the Montreal developer conference in early February. The X-Plane Store will be a platform for users to buy and developers to sell add-ons for the X-Plane simulators. Alongside the announcement, a first look at what this new storefront will look like was […]
FSDG Releases Scenic Kefalonia Airport for MSFS
FSDG took to their Facebook page to announce the release of their Kefalonia Airport (LGKF) rendition for Microsoft Flight Simulator. What will this FSDG rendition offer? Part of the ‘Scenic Routes’ series, the developer vows that this rendition is unlike any other sceneries seen in the simulator. The developer vows that customers of this scenery […]
UK2000 Suspends Direct Sales, Staying on simMarket and Marketplace
UK2000 called it a day with direct sales. They explained that only 5% of their income comes from direct sales, and thus, maintaining the systems and support for them is not viable anymore. By direct sales, UK2000 means selling products through their site. They have been selling products to the community in this way for […]
Orbx Releases Swedish Triple Pack For MSFS
Orbx has released the Swedish Triple Pack for Microsoft Flight Simulator, created by the renowned indie developer Marcus Nyberg. The pack comprises three airports: Umeå Airport, Kiruna Airport, and Salen Scandinavian Mountains Airport. Swedish Triple Pack Features All of the airports included have snow piles and snow trucks during winter, custom high-quality ground textures based […]
Review: JustSim Nice Airport NG Series for MSFS
In the following article, I will talk you through my opinions on the recently released scenery of Nice Airport for Microsoft Flight Simulator by JustSim, which promises to be a significant step up from the previous version. The new features caught my eye, and I am thrilled to see what this scenery offers. I should […]
A huge update for the simulator is coming and the team gave a look at what to expect in X-Plane 12.1.0.
The P3D/FSX classic is reborn for MSFS.
We're going to Rio (not the city, but the hotel).
Following Tuesday’s unveiling of BeyondATC’s pricing model, there has been a lot of discussion concerning the potential costs for individual users. The main point of contention seems to be with BeyondATC’s purchasable units, which translate into transmission time for a Basic and Premium Voice Model. Some users have also criticised the ‘freemium’ model, where users […]
The first World Hub update for multiple airports has been released as a free update to MSFS.
An update for the MD-82 is now available.
The pushback tool is now available for MSFS.
A new update for the Floridian airport is now availale.
Developer's latest audio-description addon hones in on eight of the country's largest cities.
Salt Lake City airport by FeelThere can now be yours.
AG Sim Releases LSZT - Lommis Airfield Switzerland

Lommis Airfield (ICAO code LSZT), located north of Lommis in the canton of Thurgau, Switzerland, is a modest yet active aviation hub nestled amidst the Swiss countryside. Operated by the Motorfluggruppe Thurgau, the airfield boasts a 615-meter grass runway and essential facilities including hangars and club buildings. Catering primarily to

CowanSim MSFS 222B Updated to Version 2

Cowan Simulation has updated their 222B Helicopter for Microsoft Flight Simulator to version 2.0. The Bell 222B is a renowned rotorcraft celebrated for its sleek design and versatility since its introduction in the late 1970s. With a twin-engine configuration, it offers enhanced safety and stability, making it a popular

FlightSimExpo 2024: New Venue. Same Dates, Same City.

After facing the challenge of finding a new venue due to the impending closure of the Tropicana Las Vegas in April this year, it is confirmed that FlightSimExpo 2024 will be held at The Rio in Las Vegas from 21-23 June 2024. Following extensive discussions and community input, including a

Freeware Friday - Highlights of Community Releases #6

With a little delay, welcome to "Freeware Friday - Highlights of Community Releases" - your weekly spotlight on the most outstanding and innovative additions to the flight simulation community. Every Friday, we dive into the world of freeware, showcasing the most wanted and anticipated releases and updates of

Cli4D Designs Releases El Nido, Philippines

Cli4D Designs - known for the Bora Bora Improvement Project and Philippines: A Tropical Adventure - has released a new add-on for Microsoft Flight Simulator, showcasing the breathtaking beauty of El Nido, Philippines. This add-on covers a vast area, featuring many islands each with unique characteristics, custom 3D bungalows, moving

Freeware Friday - Highlights of Community Releases #5

Welcome to "Freeware Friday - Highlights of Community Releases" - your weekly spotlight on the most outstanding and innovative additions to the flight simulation community. Every Friday, we dive into the world of freeware, showcasing the most wanted and anticipated releases and updates of the week, or those

FeelThere Releases KONT - Ontario International Airport

Situated merely two miles east of downtown Ontario, California, this pivotal airport spans across 1,741 acres and boasts two parallel runways, establishing itself as a crucial hub for both air and truck cargo operations, particularly for UPS Airlines and FedEx Express. Ontario International is distinguished by its significant operational

GAmod Offline Edition Updated to Version 5.0

The GAmod - offline version addon for Microsoft Flight Simulator adds 100,000 worldwide flight plans using custom and AIG models, enhancing general aviation traffic realism. It's designed to be performance-light and includes almost 200K flight plans, with a focus on improving traffic at almost every airport

FLY2HIGH Releases KLBB - Lubbock Preston Smith Airport

Located five miles north of Lubbock, in Lubbock County, Texas, Lubbock Preston Smith International Airport serves as a vital hub in the region. The airport, named after former Texas governor Preston E. Smith, boasts a rich history and a significant role in serving the eighth-largest air traffic in Texas. Notably,

EFHK - Helsinki Airport Updated to Version 1.6

Freeware Helsinki Airport (EFHK/HEL) in Finland has received a significant update from Community Creator Epixeri. Helsinki Airport is the largest international airport in Finland, serving as a major gateway for travelers. In 2019, it facilitated the journeys of nearly 22 million passengers. The update to version 1.6 includes

Freeware Friday - Highlights of Community Releases #4

Welcome to "Freeware Friday - Highlights of Community Releases" - your weekly spotlight on the most outstanding and innovative additions to the flight simulation community. Every Friday, we dive into the world of freeware, showcasing the most wanted and anticipated releases and updates of the week, or those

Hughes XF-11 for Microsoft Flight Simulator Releasing February 9th

Flying Fries will bring the iconic Hughes XF-11 to Microsoft Flight Simulator. In 1943, the Hughes Aircraft Company embarked on an audacious mission, building a military reconnaissance aircraft with unmatched capabilities. The result was the XF-11, a prototype boasting 6,000 horsepower from two Pratt and Whitney 28-cylinder radial engines.

Microsoft Flight Simulator World Update XVI: Caribbean Released

Microsoft Flight Simulator has released its latest expansion with World Update XVI: Caribbean. This highly update brings the picturesque Caribbean region to life, offering virtual aviators an opportunity to explore its stunning landscapes and vibrant locales. Encompassing a wide range of Caribbean destinations, including Antigua, Aruba, Bahamas, Barbados, British Virgin

Synaptic Simulations Teams up with iniBuilds to Bring the A22X

Synaptic Simulations has announced a new partnership with iniBuilds that will transform the development of the A220 aircraft for Microsoft Flight Simulator. Originally conceived as a free, open-source project, the A220 is set to take a new direction as it moves into the payware market, with plans for release on

BlueBird Simulations Provides January Update on Boeing 757

In a recent video update on YouTube, Shervin Ahooraei, the Owner and CEO of BlueBird Simulations, shared some exciting developments about the Boeing 757 project for Microsoft Flight Simulator. Ahooraei began by addressing several important questions and provided insights into the status of the aircraft. One of the most significant

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